All photography provided by Dylan Millsap & Jacob West

In our first year, we have built a kindergarten classroom, completed a sustainable poultry farm, and began the process of finding monthly sponsors for each of the 180 children supported by the orphanage.


Our Mission

Weight of Glory Orphan Care is a non-profit movement investing in sustainable projects that directly benefit the lives of orphaned children via food, shelter, and education. We do this by pairing local communities with our international partners and through that relationship, both are changed. 

What We've Achieved

  • Kindergarten classroom rebuild for 120 students in February 2015
  • A poultry farm housing 1000 chicks in September 2014
  • Read-a-thon at a local school educating children in the US about the lives of children in Uganda
  • Sponsorship for 25 of the 180 children supported by L'esperance
  • A Gala fundraiser educating the local community about the needs in L'esperance and how they can help
  • Taking the primary supporting role at L'esperance as other international support was pulled