We're committed to partnering with L'esperance until they reach their goal of 100% sustainability. We do that by supporting projects like the ones shown below.



As we partner with L'esperance to rebuild infrastructure, we want to ensure that the children get to stay in school. Child sponsorship is the best way we know how to provide for the food, shelter, and education each child. Click here to see the breakdown of L'esperance beneficiaries.

KiNyo Kindergarten Classroom

In February 2015, we launched the Kinyo Kindergarten Classroom with capacity for 120 children to attend classes. This the first of an eight classroom rebuild of the L'esperance Primary School. 



Sustainable Poultry Farm 

In September 2014, one thousand baby chicks arrived at L'esperance. Six months later, the chicks were all grown up and producing eggs. Sales from these eggs are used in support of the children.